date of realization:
01-11-2021 at 10:00
Application deadline:
26-10-2021 at 23:59
Type of bid:
Open English auction
detailed description
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It is proposed to buy a land plot of 7 500 sq.m. on Tipanova St. for the placement of industrial facilities not higher than IV and V classes of hazard.
Address:  plot 19 (east of 32, bld. 4, lit. B on the avenue Yuri Gagarin), Tipanova str., St. Petersburg
Cadastral number: 78:14:0007677:1539.
Area: 7 500 sq. m.
Category of lands: lands of settlements.
Type of permitted use: for placing of industrial objects.
Form of right: ownership.
General Plan zoning: zone of engineering and transport infrastructure facilities (I1).
Zoning according to the General plan: zone of engineering and transport infrastructure facilities, communal facilities, sanitary purification facilities with inclusion of warehouse and production facilities of IV and V hazard classes (TI1-1).
Approved PPT: Decree of the Government of St. Petersburg from 30.09.2008 № 1236 (as amended on June 21, 2018).
In accordance with the approved PPT on the land set the following building parameters:
Height regulations: 15 m.
The maximum total area of the objects of capital construction: 1 260 sq. m.
Functional purpose of the objects of capital construction: object of capital construction in order to provide individuals and legal entities with communal services, in particular the supply of electricity.
Restrictions (encumbrances):
  • Lease for 49 years under the lease agreement dated 26.06.2009.
Location and Surroundings:
The property is located in the Moskovsky district, on the first line of Tipanova Street. The property is surrounded by residential and commercial buildings. Directly adjacent to the land plot is the business class residential quarter of the "Defiance" Residential Complex that is under construction and is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2025. Across the road there are other large residential and commercial facilities: Residental Complex "Peter", Residental Complex "Dominanta", as well as the shopping center "Cosmos" and the shopping center "Peter".
To the east of the site is an electrical substation Chesmenskaya.
Transport accessibility
Remoteness from major transport hubs:
Moskovskaya metro station - 1.4 km;
Distance to Yuri Gagarin Ave. - 400 m;
Distance to Vitebsky Ave. - 1,1 km;
Distance to Moskovsky Ave. - 1.4 km;
Pulkovo Airport - 11 km.
Requires the connection of all energy resources.

Prospects for the development of the site:
According to the urban planning regulations of the territorial area TI1-1 set the following types of permitted use of sites:
  • provision of public utilities;
  • service garages and parking lots for public transport;
  • territory improvement, within which it is possible to install non-stationary non-capital objects.
Conditionally permitted types allow the construction of facilities:
  • fueling of vehicles;
  • car washes;
  • car repair;
  • warehouses;
  • light industry.