Eco-hotel «Bereg Orlanov» on the bank of the Volga
Address: Staromainsky district, Ulyanovsk region
Object 1. land plot, area 7090+/-59 sq.m, cadastral number: 73:16:021705:1198, category of lands: lands of settlements, type of the permitted use: for placing recreational health and recreational objects, located at: Staromainsky district, Ulyanovsk region
Object 2. Land plot, area 45039+-/148 sq.m, cadastral number: 73:16:021705:1199, category of lands: lands of settlements, type of the permitted use: for placing recreational medical and health facilities, located at the address: Staromainsky district, Ulyanovsk region.
There is a hotel, 6 cottages and a bathhouse on the plots. The complex is ready to receive 150 guests at a time.
A 3-storey hotel with a mansard and a ground floor of 3,716 sq.m. is equipped with all the communications. The distribution inside the building is completed. Rooms need to be renovated and furnished. The construction is finished with roofing and glazing of the building perimeter. The building is provided two passenger elevators. The readiness of the object is 75%. The permission for construction is valid until the middle of 2023.
There is a restaurant, a beauty salon and a fito-bar on the 1st floor. On the 2 and 3 floors there are sunny terraces for relaxation. Rooms are located on the 1,2,3 floors and attic.
Cottages are located in the pine forest. The area of each house is 66 square meters. Built in the form of log houses of Altai cedar. Heating stove with modern heating furnaces and electric floor heating system. The roofs of the houses are made earthen on a waterproofed base to match the natural surroundings. Each house has 3 living rooms and 2 bathrooms.
The Bath - the log cabin, the area - 56.95 sq.m., equipped with all communications, made repairs, the willingness of the object - 100%.
The complex is located on the bank of the inflow of the Volga river on the territory of Staromaysk forestry in the state natural sanctuary «Bereg Orlanov» 100 km far from Ulyanovsk. It is here that there are a lot of nests of white-tailed eagles, the largest birds in Russia, listed in the Red Book. The area of land plots bordering the pine forest is 52 hectares. The descent to the Volga runs along beautiful terraces and two ponds. It is a quiet, comfortable corner of unspoiled nature, away from the city noise and bustle.
There are almost no similar places on the Middle Volga with a sandy shore, pine forest, and a gentle descent to the water.  Staromaysky Bay, where the complex is located, has such a combination.
Crystal clear air, fascinating Volga dawns and sunsets, unhurried walks along the shore and through the forest pacify and give tranquility. The atmosphere of this unique place has helped to create a place of rest and relaxation, year-round ready to receive guests.
Transport accessibility:
Good. In the summer there is a ferry. Distance to the airport - 100 km. Distance to the railway station - 94 km
Investment attractiveness:
There is a lack of quality sanatorium facilities in the Middle Volga region. In the existing sanatoriums and preventive clinics there is 100% load and queues irrespective of the season.
Successful location of the object allows to speak confidently about the demand for the service by the guests. Domestic tourism in the post-Soviet period got a «second breath». Investors pay attention to unique, original destinations, because now holidaymakers pay attention to quality and environmental friendliness. Proximity to Ulyanovsk and historical sites, excellent transport accessibility and at the same time good ecology of the place is a good combination for creating a business in the field of hospitality and health recovery.